A course designed to prepare individuals for entry-level positions as nursing assistants in structured health care settings directly supervised by a registered or licensed practical nurse. Successful completion of the certification written, and manual skills exams will lead to a certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through the Florida State Board of Nursing. Students must attain a minimum of 165 hours of total instruction, which must include a minimum of 80 hours of classroom, 40 hours of clinical instruction and 20 hours in a licensed nursing facility. The Florida State Board of Nursing requirements for certification include proof of legal presence in the United States and disclosure of felonies or misdemeanors offenses. Fingerprints are required in order to conduct background checks for criminal convictions.

Admission Requirements

Required textbook is Hartman’s Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics, 5th Edition ISBN 978-1-60425-100-5

Students are required to purchase their own textbook, stethoscope, watch with a second hand and gait belt. Students are required to bring their materials to class daily. Students are required to have proof of TB skin test or clear x-ray, immunizations and COVID-19 status on the first day of class and proof of legal residency. A Negative TB skin and COVID 19 vaccine are required by the clinical nursing facility. Students must wear the required uniforms with white shoes and uniform colored scrub jacket. Some clinical hours will be done on weekends.

Assessment Plan

Assessment is an integral part of the educational process at Sharron Nursing Academy, accurate feedback is an important tool in continuously improving the institution’s nursing programs. Students can expect to participate in assessment activities prior to entry into programs, within specific courses and following program completion for specific fields of study.


A minimum of 165 hours of total instruction is required consisting of:

  • Didactic teaching in a classroom setting for a minimum of 80 hours
  • Instructor-supervised skills practice/testing (Skills Lab) for a minimum of 20 hours
  • Instructor-supervised clinical experiences for a minimum of 40 hours, with a minimum of 20 of those hours as direct resident care in a long-term care facility.
  • A minimum of 16 hours of classroom instruction in communication and interpersonal skills prior to any direct contact with a resident.
  • A four-hour course in HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Prevention of Medical Errors will provided
  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Demonstrate responsible work ethics.

Classroom and Skills Lab Hours will be tracked through the online academy system (SYCAMORE). If skills lab hours are missed, make-up hours will be indicated on the CNA student hour log.

Clinical hours will also be tracked, with attendance rolls kept on file by the didactic instructor, each student’s hours must equate to 40 hours for clinicals.

Fees      Visa, Master, $SNAcademy (cash app)

  Year 2024   TOTAL
Tuition $1200   $1200
Lab Fee $150   $150
Assessment $100   $100
Parking $40   $40
Processing $40   $40
Student ID $20   $20
Application $25   $25
Clinical $100   $100
  $1675   $1675
Total Student Fees -30% Discount   -30%
  $1,172.50 text here $1,172.50